Flamenco and Olympics, sport and love :)

Hello dear people :))

today will try to write a bit in English. How was your week? Today in the evening the air whispered to me that I’ve been missing romantic huge part of my soul))) Since I remember myself my heart beats harder when I hear sounds of the Spanish guitar music. It can be pure flamenco music or Spanish guitar pop, but it always felt the same – like if I had strings inside my body and somebody was playing them ( not the same as playing on nerves 🙂 ) , then this is the exact sound it would make – passionate, hot, deep and sad all together!

Three years ago I used to live in Barcelona for some time. I will never forget the special atmosphere of this place. Baubles of sangria in the nose, guitar rhythms in the streets of outstanding beauty, hundreds of vespas flying all around in a bit lazy motion and smiles, smiles, smiles…even hamon in shop’s windows smiles to you…lol..after a few glasses probably))) By this time I have already traveled a lot around Spain and in every little village, city or island I was watching local tiny or huge and impressive flamenco shows. After some of them I could not even talk for some time ( which, trust me, does not happen often ), that’s how astonishing it was.

Now I live in london and adore it with all my heart. but sometimes my pro-spanish nature searches  for this kind of cultural experiences again and again. And I can not say it’s very popular thing in UK, so I had to dig deeper in internet. I had to refuse my spanish guitar classes which I used to take in Moscow, but I found out that my favorite Gipsy Kings are soon performing in London!! aaahh, I am so excited, I will try to negotiate for interview with them for our magazine! Some of their songs make me cry but with smile on my face, that’s how touchy music can be. For those of you who are also not indifferent to this type of music here is a schedule of the flamenco events in London, including chamber club performances in little theaters and big concerts and festivals  



Also tomorrow is the start of The Winter Olympic Games 2014 in my Motherland Russia! Yahooo!!! if you are in London and want to see an opening ceremony on a bit bigger screen you welcomed to the Rossotrudnichestvo at High street kensington, where the live broadcast will take place, here is the link with details and information. Event is free


Enjoy!!:) Good Night! Sport Forever! Russia Go! :)))



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